Taylor Loves Beach Volleyball

Taylor loved soaking up the sun on the beaches of San Diego. As soon as she finished her classes at the university, she would grab her beach bag and head straight for the ocean. Her favorite spot was at Ocean Beach where she would claim her territory in the sand and set up for an afternoon of fun. She loved to play Volleyball in her bikini.

She always wore her trusted sexy bikini that perfectly complimented her tan skin. The lifeguards who patrolled the beach knew Taylor by name. She would give a friendly wave before finding the ideal spot to place her oversized beach towel. Once settled in, Taylor would slip off her cover up, revealing the bikini she wore so confidently.

With her beach reads in one hand and a cold drink in the other, Taylor was ready to unwind from her busy college schedule. She would let the sound of the crashing waves relax her as she watched people play volleyball nearby. Taylor often thought about joining in but was hesitant at first being there alone.

After weeks of building up courage, Taylor finally walked up to a group about to start a game and asked if they needed another player. They welcomed her instantly and Taylor’s beach volleyball skills matched her stellar attitude. Now when she visits the beach, Taylor is quick to jump into a game, showing off her athleticism and love for the sport. Her sexy bikini and carefree spirit is known all down Ocean Beach.

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