Kelly And The Hotel Pool

Kelly loved nothing more than getting dolled up and spending the day at the pool of the glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel. She would wake up early, take her time applying makeup and styling her long blonde hair, and then slip into one of her colorful designer bikinis.

Grabbing her Louis Vuitton beach bag, designer sunglasses, and a fashionable coverup, Kelly would head out the door of her modest apartment and drive to the iconic luxury hotel. She always parked a few blocks away so as not to tip off any potential gentlemen callers about her socioeconomic status.

As Kelly walked confidently through the perfectly manicured gardens surrounding the pool area, she imagined all eyes turning her way. She would find a chaise lounge in the most visible spot and arrange herself and her belongings just so. After carefully removing her coverup to reveal her bikini-clad body, she would slide on her sunglasses and get comfortable, ready for a day of relaxing and discreet people watching.

Kelly would subtly look around the pool, hoping to make eye contact with an attractive, well-dressed man. Her goal was to chat up a wealthy bachelor who might want to take care of her. She knew she stood out from the usual country club wives and felt confident that today might be her lucky day. Kelly practiced her coy smile and saw a handsome older man glance in her direction. This could be the beginning of a new life of luxury.

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