Lesbians In Bikinis

Becca went to the hotel pool in her sexy pink bikini hoping to find herself a sugar daddy but instead she met a hot chick named Stacy who was wearing a sexy daring lepoard print bikini….

As Becca and Stacy lay on their towels, they couldn’t help but notice how sexy and confident each other looked in their bikinis. They both knew that they were attracting attention from men, but they weren’t interested in them – all they wanted was each other. After a while, the conversation turned to sex and they began to discuss what they liked in bed. As they talked, the passion between them grew stronger, and before long they had stripped off their bikinis and were making out on the beach. Their bodies were sweaty from the hot sun, but that only added to the excitement of their kisses as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. As they continued to kiss, they began to slide their hands down one another’s bodies, touching and caressing every inch of skin until they reached their breasts.

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