Jasmine’s Bikini Breasts

Jasmine was a blonde haired woman with beautiful green eyes and huge breasts. She loved showing off her body in sexy bikinis, especially when she was on the beach. Every time Jasmine went to the beach, she would wear her favorite black string bikini that hugged all of her curves and left nothing to the imagination. As she walked down the sandy shore towards her towel, she could feel the hot sun beating down on her back as well as the gazes of men who couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

Jasmine knew that she had a good body, but she was even more confident when she wore her bikini because it made her feel sexy and in control. Once she got to her spot on the beach, Jasmine lay down underneath her towel and began to slowly unzip her bikini top. She loved feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin as she exposed her breasts to the air for all to see. As she did this, she could feel the eyes of men watching her, their gazes wandering over every inch of her body. Jasmine loved being looked at and admired by men.

She knew that they found her attractive because of her big breasts, but she didn’t care – she was confident in her own beauty and she wasn’t going to let anyone make her feel bad about it. So as the sun began to set and the breeze picked up, Jasmine stayed on the beach, enjoying herself in front of the men who watched her from afar.

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