Amanda Vance In Hawaii

Amanda woke up excited for a day of fun at the beach in Hawaii. She put on her favorite favorite sexy bikini and got ready quickly. After packing a beach bag with towels, sunscreen, snacks, and sand toys, she headed out to meet her friends.

When Amanda arrived at the beach, she joined her friends Lynn and Jenny. They picked a spot close to the water and set up their towels. Amanda helped apply sunscreen on Lucy’s back and soon they were ready to go.

The three friends spent the morning splashing and swimming in the cool ocean waves. They had a blast jumping over the waves and diving under them. After working up an appetite, they enjoyed the sandwiches and fruit they had packed for lunch.

After lunch, Amanda and her friends decided to build a sandcastle. They gathered buckets of wet sand and sculpted turrets and walls for their castle. Amanda found seashells and seaweed to decorate their creation. When they finished, they had an amazing castle complete with a moat.

As the day went on, they collected more shells, went for one last swim, and played beach volleyball with a group from the local bikini volleyball team. Before they knew it, the sun was starting to set. Amanda took some final pictures of their sandcastle before it got washed away by the tide. Tired but happy, the three friends gathered their things and headed home after a fun day at the beach.

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