Ela Edry’s Red Bikini

Ela woke up excited for her beach day. She had just bought a new red bikini and couldn’t wait to wear it. As a modern Orthodox Jewish woman, she carefully selected a modest two-piece that still allowed her to enjoy the sun and water.

After eating a light breakfast, Ela packed up her beach bag. She included sunscreen, a big beach towel, sandals, a hat, and a good book. She put on her new red bikini and covered it with a flowy dress.

When she arrived at the beach, Ela found a nice spot close to the water and laid out her big beach towel. She took off her dress, slathered on some sunscreen, and took in the beautiful ocean view. The sun felt so nice on her skin.

Ela spent the day reading her book, going for a swim, and taking walks along the shore. She loved feeling the soft sand under her feet and collecting pretty seashells. It was so relaxing and refreshing.

As the day went on, Ela made sure to reapply her sunscreen often. She didn’t want to get too much sun on her first beach trip of the summer. Late in the afternoon, Ela put her dress back on over her red bikini. She gathered up her things and took one last look at the ocean before heading home. It had been a perfect beach day.

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