I love Pornstars that fuck with their swimsuit on… How about you?!

I have had sex with many of the most popular PornStars, I know that I shouldn’t say it, but hey, I wanna brag about it if you don’t mind. Nearly all were naked or had on some sexy lingerie, but never once have I had the chance to fuck a Pornstar with a swimsuit on.

pornstars swimsuit

I have fucked a few chicks at the pool or on the beach while they had a swimsuit on but it’s really not the same thing if you know what the fuck I’m talking about. So at our Hiring Pornstars agency I asked the next batch of sluts that will be coming over this next week to come in swimsuits and if I get lucky I could bang one or two of them.

I collected a few of the most popular pornstars today in the industry and their swimsuit porn videos right here on this Amateur Porn Videos Links blog that I run. I thought that I’d post about it, because it has a ton of unseen porn and all that porn (videos) are all for free, so that makes it even more better 🙂