OMG Sydney Segars

There are some woman you want to date and some woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sydney Segars is the the latter. She is perfect.

I’ve been stalking her on Insta for some time now. She hits the gym on a regular basis, is a southern girl, likes dogs, and just over all seems like a very genuine hottie. I think she’s so hot yet she doesn’t know it. She starts off her Tik Tocks by saying “He Ya’all” and it’s so damn cute. Now women with accents always makes me weak in the knees, but the southern accent is always smoking hot. Sydney Segars is no exception. She makes little tik tocks where she says certain words in her southern accents…. And it’s too hot for words.

Yes, Sydney Segars makes me weak in the knees every time…

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