Skye’s First Jet Ski Ride

Skye could hardly contain her excitement as she pulled up to the marina on that sunny summer morning. Ever since she was a little girl, she had dreamed of riding on a jet ski, feeling the wind in her hair as she raced across the sparkling water. Now, at age 25, her dream was finally coming true.

She already had on her favorite black bikini underneath a loose floral coverup. As she parked and walked eagerly down the dock, she could see the jet skis bobbing in the water, just waiting for adventure. After checking in at the rental counter, the attendant led her to a shiny blue jet ski at the end of the dock.

“Have you ever ridden one of these before?” he asked. Skye shook her head, eyes wide with anticipation. “Okay, it’s easy,” he continued. “Just turn it on with this button, squeeze the throttle here to go, and use this handle to steer. There’s a wristband attached that will kill the engine if you fall off.”

Skye nodded, barely listening as her excitement mounted. She couldn’t wait to get out on the open water. After a quick lesson, the attendant let her climb aboard. She settled onto the seat, loving the feel of the powerful machine rumbling beneath her.

“Ready?” the attendant called.

“Ready!” Skye shouted back with glee. She turned the key, felt the jet ski roar to life, and squeezed the throttle. Suddenly she was zooming across the marina, wind whipping through her long brown hair. Her heart pounded with exhilaration. This was even better than she had imagined!

As she raced out into open water, Skye let out a joyous whoop. The jet ski bounced over the waves as she picked up speed, spraying water on either side. She followed the shoreline for a while, then turned sharply to cut across the lake, leaving a wide wake behind her. Other people on jet skis and small boats waved as she zipped past.

Skye spent over an hour exploring the lake’s coves and inlets. She weaved playfully around buoys, testing the jet ski’s agile handling. The speed and power made her feel alive. When it was finally time to return to the marina, she did so reluctantly, already planning her next jet ski adventure. She coasted back to the dock, cheeks flushed and hair tangled from the ride of her life.

As she climbed off and returned the key, Skye sighed blissfully. Her childhood dream had been even more thrilling than she could have imagined. The jet ski had lived up to all her expectations, and she couldn’t wait to get back out on the water again soon. This was definitely the start of a new summer tradition!

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