Shanice Running On The Beach

Women who live at the beach or in a beach town are a special breed… They seem to pretty much live in a bikini and do everything in a bikini. Where most women put on a pair of leggings to run errands (and they look hot doing it) chicks who live at the beach do EVERYTHING in a bikini. Want go to out for coffee? Bikini. Shopping? Shorts and a bikini top. Running on the beach? Bikini.

Have you seen Kate Upton running on the beach in Layover? Oh god that is hot.

Women running is a special thing. Some women run in a tight sports bra that locks down their breasts, while others let their breasts knock all around while running. Yet others are some place in-between. Either way it’s fun to watch their bresats bounce around while they run.

Shanice Slatter is a runner… And a bikini lover. And when Shanice Slatter goes running on the beach, well, she goes running in her bikini. This time Shanice Slatter is running in a white bikini. Just like Kate Upton did in the movie Layover.

Yes, watching a woman run on the beach in a bikini is a very special treat. I wish we could see this much more often.

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