Sara’s Fun Day At The Beach

Sara could hardly contain her excitement as she packed her beach bag on that sunny Saturday morning. It was the first really nice day of the spring and she had been waiting for a chance to break out her new white and blue bikini. The 23-year-old college student had bought it just for this occasion and couldn’t wait to show it off. Sara went to the gym every day so she would have a tight body for her sexy new bikini. The fact that she has a great rack helped too.

After slathering on sunscreen and grabbing a beach towel, Sara hopped in her car and drove to the nearby state park’s beach. She found a spot not too far from the water and laid out her towel. Sara slipped off her cover up to reveal her new two-piece swimsuit. She loved how the bright color popped against her skin and the way the bikini showed off her fit figure.

Sara spent the morning swimming and floating in the refreshing ocean water. She worked on her tan, carefully reapplying sunscreen every so often. For lunch, Sara walked up to the snack bar and grabbed a burger and ice cold soda. She ate contentedly on her towel, taking in the sights and sounds around her.

The afternoon passed enjoyably. Sara built an impressive sandcastle, complete with a fully-formed moat and seashell decorations. She took a long walk down the shoreline, letting the foamy waves lap over her feet. When she got a bit tired, Sara laid back on her towel and listened to music, soaking up the sunshine.

As the day wound down, Sara took one last dip in the ocean to cool off. She changed back into her street clothes, but tucked her new bikini into the beach bag carefully. She didn’t want anything to happen to it before she got another chance to show it off again soon. Sara drove home with the radio blasting, smiling as she replayed the highlights of her fun day at the beach.

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