Private School Jewel Bikini Shot

Time for us to introduce Private School Jewel… And she is in fact a jewel.

The other day we made a post about how big boobs “maketh” a bikini. And this is very true. The bigger the boobs the better a woman looks in a bikini. The entire point of the bikini is to allow a woman to show off as much of her body as she can, as if she is wearing her bra and panties outside…. Just to show off. But that doesn’t mean that a chick like Private School Jewel doesn’t look good in a bikini. In fact, she does. Very much so.

Private School Jewel might not have big boobs but her belly is super flat and sexy and that is a huge turn on. She’s the kind of chick you want to drink shots out of her belly button… And one can just imagine how she is a tiger in bed.

It seems her website is closed but now you can see all of her photos at This Years Model… And thank god for that because we don’t want to ever go without seeing pictures of Private School Jewel in her sexy bikini! She is so damn hot!