Claudia’s Perfect Sunset Photo

laudia wanted the perfect beach photo to send to her boyfriend Jason. He was away on a business trip and she missed him terribly. To cheer him up, she decided to take a stunning photo of herself in her favorite white string bikini at the beach during an epic sunset.

The day before Jason left, Claudia scoped out the beach to find the perfect spot. She found a lifeguard stand that would make the perfect framing for her bikini shot with the sunset behind her. Claudia made sure her white bikini still fit like a dream and was ready for its photo debut.

The next evening, Claudia put on her sexy white bikini, wrapped herself in a colorful sarong, grabbed her camera, and headed to the beach. She claimed the lifeguard stand and then waited for the sunset. As the sky started to turn brilliant shades of orange and pink, Claudia set up her camera on a tripod and set the timer. She rushed over to the lifeguard stand, untied her sarong, and struck a playful pose showcasing her trim figure in the white bikini.

Just as the camera snapped, a huge wave crashed behind her, spraying her back with water. Claudia squealed then started laughing. She grabbed the camera and crossed her fingers the photo had captured the perfect shot of her in her white bikini during the pretty sunset, with the bonus surprise wave in the background. She couldn’t wait to send the photo to Jason to brighten his trip. Claudia just knew this beautiful, spontaneous bikini photo was sure to make his day.

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