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Faye’s Bikini

Enough with the blond haired bikini babes – time to bring in a real red head! Meet Faye Regan from ALS Scan! What a hottie she is!

I love how her breasts are tightly wrapped up in her bikini top….. They look like they are about to burst out!

faye regan hot sexy bikini

I love the long red hair that Faye Regan has…. If you were to get that bikini bottom off of her and hit her from behind, you could pull on her hair to make sure you had her undivided attention!!!!

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See Through White Bikini

Look what we found on Bikini Dream!!!!! This hot little red head, skinny with big boobs, on the beach in the smallest of bikinis! In fact, I think that bikini might just be see through!!!

sexy hot bikinis bikini dream1

See through bikinis are always hot, not to mention skinny little bikini clad chicks with huge knockers!!!!

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Faye In A Bikini

Looks like ALS Scan captured Faye in a bikini…. Wow, I never knew she had a rack like this!

Red heads usually look good, but this red head – complete with freckles and all – is a knock out in a bikini!!!

sexy bikini chick teens05

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Sexy Redhead

It’s so rare we find a picture of a good looking red head in a bikini…… So we need to savor this one!

The thong sure did wonders for the bikini bottom, didn’t it? Right up the crack, separating those ass cheeks nice for us! Can’t really show us any more of your ass unless you were wearing a string bikini!!!

hot young sexy bikini6

Those photographers at Digital Desire sure do know what they are doing! What a wonderful combination of stunning photography, beautiful chicks, and hot bikinis!

Lots of bikinis!

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