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Shower Fun

Why is Ruby Love and her lesbian girlfriend in the shower in their bikinis?


I have no fucking idea. But I’m really hoping they will start banging each other shortly!

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Special Treat

Here’s a special treat for the eyes… three bikini babes!

karen kate lesbian bikini poolside2

What we have here is Kate Grounds and her friend Karen from Karen Loves Kate (she does!), and Sweet Krissy!

How about a bikini kiss ladies?

karen kate lesbian bikini poolside1

Thank you ladies! (Very nice!)

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Kate & Misty

I had to dig deep for these pictures!

This is an older photo of Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson on a boat I found in Kate’s website. I’m guessing it was taken in Florida.

kate grounds misty anderson bikini set boat

I don’t know Kate Grounds all that well but I know she does shoot a lot with another woman named Karen. I do know Misty Anderson well and I know that she does like to get it on with other women, which is always hot!

Knowing the way Misty Anderson is… I’m sure she tore into Kate Grounds like the sun wasn’t going to rise in the morning…

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Two Bikinis

What’s better than a hot babe in a bikini? How about two hot babes in a bikini?

This is Paris and her friend Jordan Capri poolside staring into each other’s eyes…

paris jordan capri lesbians in bikinis

Trust me when I tell you this might be one of the hottest girl girl bikini lesbian set ever!

They started off by touching each other’s bodies, kissing, fondling each other’s small but perky breasts, and then the bikinis came off…. taking them to muff diving town! Well worth the price of admission!

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Four Sexy Bikinis

Sapphic Erotica is a hot lesbian website…. And check out what we found there!!!!

The only thing much hotter than a chick in a bikini is four hot chicks in bikinis!!! And looks like these four are about ready to pounce on each other!!

hot bikini babes01

Watching four hot lesbians in bikinis going at it is a great way to start off the month!!!!

hot bikini babes04

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Lesbians In Bikinis

When you see three hot chicks in bikinis close to each other, touching each other…. You know they are all lesbians who just want to get it on with each other. These three bikini clad chicks from the FTV Girls website want to get it on – You just know that their bikinis will be coming off shortly!

ftv girls bikini babes10

See…. Told you!

They have their titties out – the chick on the left has a nice rack! – and their bikini bottoms are coming down showing of their snatches! Time for them to go skinny dipping!

ftv girls bikini babes11

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Raimi’s Bikini Clad Girlfriend

Looks like sexy Raimi Miller has hot bikini clad girlfriend and they are going swimming…… How long do you think it will take for these two to start taking off their bikinis? I’m guessing less than five minutes before they are both buck ass naked – and all over each other!

xxx raimi miller sexy lesbian bikini2

Check out their rear ends….. With two sexy bottoms like that how could they keep their hands off of each other?

xxx raimi miller sexy lesbian bikini3

It’s only a matter of time before these two start pulling down their bikini bottoms and start finger banging each other under water!!!!

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Lesbian Bikinis

Bikinis turn us on, but they also turn on women as well – because all women are lesbians and seeing other women in a bikini half naked in public turns them on too!

This is Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson humping each other poolside in their bikinis….

kate grounds misty anderson bikinis lesbians

Doesn’t Misty Anderson have a great ass in this yellow bikini!

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Two Babes

Two bikinis clad women in a pool, soaking wet, under a waterfall. What more can you ask from?

kim wendi soaking wet bikinis

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Lesbians In Bikinis

Here’s a little something something you don’t see every day – lesbians in bikinis!

lesbians in bikinis

This is from the Sapphic Erotica website, which is all about the lesbians! Women in bikinis are hot but lesbians in bikinis are even hotter! I thought I’d post this picture up for you!

The photo itself is a link to the picture – You can use that for computer wallpaper!

Special thanks to Sapphic Erotica for letting us post that up here!

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