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Misty’s Wet T-shirt

Here is something you don’t get to see every day….. Misty Anderson in a wet t-shirt!

misty anderson sexy white t-shirt2

One must confess….. Misty Anderson has the perfect body for this, and those beautifully formed boobies in her tight wet t-shirt is a huge turn on!

misty anderson sexy white t-shirt3

Who wouldn’t want to play with Misty Anderson in this outfit!!!!

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Shower Babe

Looks like this chick from ALS Scan is about to hop into the shower with her bikini on, although for the love of god I can’t understand why…. It’s just like bikini babes on bikes or bikini clad babes in high heels – Although I can understand the high heel thing….

Maybe she’s gonna strip it off in the shower??

sexy als scan bikini babes2

Either way she looks smoking hot!

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Car Show Bikini

I’m not sure if Blue Eyed Cass is getting ready to go swimming or is going to a car show…. But either way she’s wearing a bikini and she looks mighty fine wearing it!

Of course, the bikini look with the high heels is always hot!

hot teen blue eyed cass6

I really think this is more for a car show or bikini contest than it is Blue Eyed Cass going out to the pool – It’s the high heels that give it away!

Doesn’t matter much because that bikini can still come off quickly!!!!

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Hottest Bikini Ever

Some bikinis are sexier than others, and this bikini that Lia 19 is wearing is one of the sexier ones. She also has the body to sport a bikini like this too – very tight body!


With Lia 19 on her knees inside in a bikini… You know she only has one thing on her mind, that involves an oral fixation…..

There could be worse things, right?

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Sexy Pool

It must be nice to be rich…. Then you can invite your girlfriends over to go swimming while wearing high heels in your indoor pool!

sexy string bikini1

Not sure which I like more – the indoor pool or the hottie in the tiny bikini! If I can have both I’d take that please!

sexy string bikini2 sexy string bikini3 sexy string bikini4

I found these pix on the Beach Model website. I wonder what the story is behind them!

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