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Bikini In Tub

Sexy Diddylicous in a bikini is really too much to ask for… Not sure why she’s in the tub wearing her bikini, but we’ll take Diddylicious in her bikini any day! Even over seeing her naked… Because sometimes leaving just a little bit to the imagination is a good thing for us!

diddylicious bikini

But it’s not like Diddy is leaving much to the imagination at all!

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Champagne Bikini

Looks like Kate Grounds is going to have a lot of fun here…. She’s in the bath tub in her sexy blue bikini with a bottle of champagne, ready to pour it all over her body….

Now this takes bikinis to a whole new level!

hot bikini fun

Damn, this tight little hottie with the big knockers looks tight in her sexy bikini here!

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Kate’s Hot Tub

Kate Grounds has her own hot tub, spends a lot of time in it, and has dozens of sets of photos on her website with her in a bikini, swimsuit, and some times what ever she happens to be wearing at the moment when the mood strikes her.

In this case, today’s a nice purple bikini.

kate grounds sexy purple bikini

Now if we can just get Kate Grounds to smile already!

Then again, she lives up in Cananda and I imagine it’s not always warm up there!

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Two Hot Bikini Babes

Stunners.com picked two hotties for us today…… Because two hot swimsuit bikini models is always better than one!

Looks like they are in the hot tub – and you know what that means!!!! These two bikini clad babes are looking to party!!!!

swimsuit stunners12

I’d love to party with these two hotties!!!!!

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Busty Rachel

Check it out – Busty Rachel and her huge breasts that double as a flotation devices in a nice green bikini!

This bikini clad hottie doesn’t need to know how to swim, she can just use her breasts to keep floating!


Almost looks like those breasts are about to fall out of her bikini! If she needs any help, I’ll gladly give Busty Rachel a hand by holding up her breasts with my hands!

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Kate’s Hot Tub Fun

Check it out – Kate Grounds in the hot tub wearing nothing but a tiny tiny bikini….. But she looks like she’s in the mood for more than just a quick dip in the pool….. Maybe she wants to dip your dipstick!!!!

kates playground bikini hot tub fun

Why else do you think young women like Kate Grounds want to go in the hot tub…. Have them slip on a tiny bikini, have a few wine coolers, and bam – that’s a bikini party in a hot tub that’s bound to result in something getting wet, and I’m not talking about the water either!

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Bikini Screams Sex

Sometimes when women wear a swimsuit or a bikini it just sort of screams “SEX” as it does with this hottie from FTV Girls…. She’s in the hot tub, she’s sporting a bikini, and that fucking look in her eyes just screams I want to fuck your brains out.

And thanks in part to her bikini it’s not going to take much effort to get her completely naked!

ftv girls bikini babes05

This is what I love about bikinis and swimwear in general… It’s the least amount of clothing you can wear in public without getting arrested!

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Lesbian Bikini Tag Team

Looks like Kate Grounds and her friend are taking a late night dip in the hot tub….. Two hot young tight bodies rubbing up against each other in a hot tub… wearing nothing but bikinis….. Ouch, that’s hot!

sexy bikini tag team

Just think – they can move those bikini bottoms over a few inches (it’s easy to do) and before you know it this has become a finger banging lesbian tag team in bikinis!

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