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Tiny Yellow Thong

Some teen sluts wear a bikini better than others… But so few chicks can wear a bikini like Karla Spice can!

Her bikini bottom is less of a thong and more like a piece of thread…

karla spice yellow bikini thong

And the rest of the bikini Karla Spice has on doesn’t hide much!

Bikinis just don’t get any hotter than this!

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Not much of a bikni here is there?

hot latina babe karla spice02

This is what I’m taking about. This bikini isn’t hiding much of Karla Spice and her beautiful body!

I wonder what it looks like from the rear view!

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Beach Romp

Allison Angel took a nice little romp on the beach in her bikini, including crawling around in the sand on her hands and knees…

allison angel sexy bikini beach2

Looks like fun to me!

Wow, this bikini really shows off her hooters!!

allison angel sexy bikini beach1

Very precious!

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Nicole Sparks On Beach

Nicole Sparks is a tiny little thing and doesn’t have much to fill out a bikini. But here she is on a beach, on her hands and knees, looking up at us as if…. Well, she’s looking at our waist – And you know what we have there!

I’d visit the beach any time with Nicole Sparks!

bikini beach

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Dreaming Of You

I’m not sure what Karen Dreams is dreaming about, but she can’t be wondering if her tits are big enough! They seem to fill out a bikini perfectly!

karen dreams big boobs24

Imagine driving down the road by the beach and seeing her hanging out looking at her boobs. I’d walk right up to her and say hi!

I wonder if she is wearing one of those bikinis that tie off on the hip. Or maybe she’s not wearing a bottom at all!

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Diddy’s Private Beach

She doesn’t have much of a rack, but Diddy makes up for it with her tight little body exposed when she’s wearing a bikini!

diddy sexy beach

I’d let her wrap her legs around me!!!

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One Hot Beach

I would do anything to catch Allison Angel and Lia 19 on a beach in a bikini!

allison angel blonde perfect body01

This looks like a fun way to spend the day!

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Kayden On The Beach

Kissable Kayden is a hottie who seems to love showing off her body in a bikini. When you have a bod like she does you can understand why!

What a looker!

kissable kayden sexy beach shot

I imagine it would be easy to peel off that bottom bikini just by a quick tug on the strings there around her hips. One little pull and then rip – off it comes. Because there is nothing holding it up it comes right down on the sand.

The question is… What’s underneath the bikini? Bare? Landing strip? Full bush? I need to know!

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Sexy Allison Angel

Damn, Allison Angel has it going on…. She’s perfect. Hot teen, blonde, bikini, HUGE BOOBS.

Oh god what I wouldn’t do to spend the day with Allison Angel in her bikini at the beach! Now that sounds like a fun way to spend the day!


But we all know that Allison Angel has no fear and she’s not afraid to get naked on the beach, or at least topless! Who wouldn’t want to see Allison Angel topless at the beach?

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Allison Angel

Who knew that Alison Angel had such big boobs…. Thankfully she loves to pull them out, every chance she gets. Any time she hits a beach, she’s going to be pulling out those babies. What a beautiful sight!

alison-angel bikini

Maybe she just likes being naked because she’s taking off her bikini bottom!

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