Suntanning In Her Bikini

Traci loved nothing more than tanning by the pool in her backyard. As soon as the weather got warm in the spring, she would dig her bikini out of the drawer and head outside. She had a nice little secluded spot surrounded by trees where she could work on her tan without any neighbors seeing.

She would slather on the sunscreen, put on her favorite pink polka-dot bikini, grab a magazine and some lemonade, and head out to the pool area. She’d start by sitting on the edge of the pool and dipping her toes in to check the temperature before diving in to cool off. After a quick swim, she’d lay out on her beach towel and let the sun soak into her skin.

Traci would flip through her magazine but often she’d drift off to sleep under the warm sun. She’d reapply sunscreen every so often to avoid getting burned. She loved the feeling of the sun kissing her skin as she lay there in her itty-bitty bikini. Her goal was to achieve an even, golden tan over the course of the summer.

When she got too hot, Traci would take another dip in the pool before heading back to her beach chair. The afternoon would pass this way – tanning, swimming, and relaxing. The smell of coconut sunscreen and chlorine came to signify her favorite time of year. Traci’s backyard tanning routine was the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the summer sun in the privacy of her own home.

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