Sexy Hot Boat Ride In Bikinis

Shelby woke up on Saturday morning feeling bored. Her best friend was out of town and she had no exciting plans for the weekend ahead. As she scrolled through social media over breakfast, she had an idea. Shelby posted asking if anyone had a boat they could take out for the day to go boating and swimming in their bikinis. She figured it was a long shot but worth a try.

They wanted to pretend they were rich or perhaps social media inlfuencers in their sexy bikinis.

To her surprise, a guy named Connor responded saying his family just got a new speedboat and he could take people out! Shelby was ecstatic and told him she was definitely interested. They agreed to meet at the marina at noon. Shelby called all her friends to see who wanted to join. Four of her closest girlfriends were able to come along for the adventure.

The girls got to the marina right at noon and couldn’t believe the size of Connor’s boat. It was huge with an upper and lower deck, a waterslide off the back, and even a small cabin with a tv and minifridge. After they loaded their things onboard, Connor took off out of the marina. The girls cranked up the radio and danced around feeling the wind blow through their hair. It was an incredible rush of freedom zipping through the water.

After cruising around the lake for a while, they anchored near a small island to go swimming and lay out in the sun. They had packed floats and pool toys to add to the fun. The girls all jumped in the water and climbed the waterslide on the back of the boat, feeling like little kids again. After happily swimming around, they got some snacks and drinks from the minifridge and enjoyed lounging on the upper deck soaking up the sun in their skimpy bikinis.

Later in the afternoon, they took the boat back out to find a good spot to drop anchor and watch the sunset. They lit sparklers and danced around again, this time as the light faded over the horizon. Shelby couldn’t remember a time recently when she felt so carefree and adventurous. The day had exceeded her expectations.

As Connor pulled back into the marina, the girls sincerely thanked him for the amazing day out on the water. They snapped silly selfies to remember the epic adventure. Driving home that night, Shelby just smiled thinking about the spontaneous fun she’d had with friends. It was a day she would talk about forever – she felt like a rockstar!

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