Nikki’s New Computer

Nikki was thrilled to finally be living near the beach in Southern California. She had just moved from a small town in the midwest and couldn’t wait to spend her days soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm ocean breeze.

The first thing Nikki did after moving into her cute little beach bungalow was go bikini shopping. She had never lived anywhere with nice weather year-round before, so her swimwear wardrobe was very limited. She wanted to show off her tight little body at the beach. Nikki wandered the shops near the boardwalk until she found the perfect bikini – a sexy black two-piece with gold hardware on the straps and top. She could already imagine the envious looks she would get strolling down the beach in it. She wanted all of the men to be watching her in her bikini.

Nikki woke up early on her first Saturday morning in California. She put on her new bikini, grabbed her beach towel and sunglasses, and headed out the door. The beach was only two blocks from her new home. She walked slowly, taking in the sights and sounds of the shore. The palm trees swaying in the breeze, the crashing waves, the laughter of children building sandcastles.

When she got to the beach, Nikki found a nice spot to lay out her towel and relax. She took off her cover up, revealing her gorgeous new bikini. It fit her perfectly and she knew she looked great. Nikki saw a few people glance her way as she rubbed sunscreen on her bronzed skin. She smiled, put on her sunglasses, and laid back to enjoy the calming melodies of the ocean. This was going to be an amazing new life.

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