Fun Bikini Day

It was a beautiful sunny day in July when Lynn and her best friend Stacy decided to rent some jet skis and spend the afternoon on the lake. They were both so excited to hit the water in their colorful bikinis and feel the wind in their hair. Lynn couldn’t wait to show off her sexy bikini.

After filling out the rental paperwork, the girls raced each other to claim their jet skis. Lynn hopped on a bright red one while Stacy grabbed a blue jet ski. They strapped on their life jackets and headed out into the sparkling blue water.

Zipping across the lake, Lynn and Stacy took turns riding in front and backflipping off the backs of the jet skis. They laughed joyfully as they splashed each other with water. After an hour of riding, they stopped in a cove to take a break.

“Let’s take some selfies!” said Stacy. She pulled out her waterproof phone and snapped some photos of them posing funnily on the jet skis. Then they took a few nice pictures of themselves smiling with the lake behind them. Lynn wanted to take some sexy selfies to post on her Instragram. She knows all of the men on her social media love breasts, and this bikini showed off her breasts nicely!

As the sun started to set, Lynn and Stacy slowly cruised back to the rental dock, reminiscing about their fantastic day on the water. They couldn’t wait to rent jet skis together again next summer and have another unforgettable adventure.


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