Erika Hits The Beach In Her Bikini

Erika woke early, excited to head to the beach for a relaxing day of sun and surf. She grabbed her beach bag which she had packed the night before, making sure to include sunscreen, a big beach towel, a good book, and some snacks. She threw on her favorite striped sexy bikini, a floppy hat, and a light cover up before driving over to Oceanview Beach.

When Erika arrived she found a nice spot close to the water and spread out her big towel and set down her bag. She had brought her surfboard in hopes of catching a few good waves. Before getting in the water, Erika made sure to coat herself well with sunscreen. She looked smoking hot and sexy in her bikini. Then she grabbed her board and paddled out into deeper waters past the breaking waves. As she floated along straddling the board, Erika scanned the horizon for a good wave to ride.

At last Erika spotted a promising swell approaching. She turned the surfboard around and began paddling hard to meet the wave before it crested. At the right moment she sprang up, her feet planted firmly on the board as she gained speed down the sloping face of the wave. Erika felt a thrill as she cut across the smooth wave face. Before losing momentum, she turned left and carved up the face for one last burst of speed. Then Erika kicked out over the top and slid gracefully back into the water with a splash.

After a few hours of riding waves, Erika came ashore, happy from an enjoyable session surfing. She headed back to her spot on the beach, where she stretched out to rest on her big towel, breathing the fresh sea air. After drying off, Erika pulled out her book to relax and read for awhile as the sun started to set. It was a perfect beach day.

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