Dea Swims In Italy

ver since she was a little girl, Dea dreamed of traveling to Italy. She was fascinated by the country’s culture, food, and breathtaking scenery. As she flipped through worn issues of National Geographic and watched travel shows highlighting Italy’s charm, Dea’s longing to visit grew stronger.

After college, Dea started saving every extra penny from her job as a barista, squirrelling away money in a special account she labeled “Italy Trip Fund”. It took nearly 5 years before she finally had enough funds to buy a plane ticket and book a hotel. The day her trip to Amalfi Coast was officially booked, Dea jumped up and down with joy.

When Dea arrived in the beautiful cliffside villages of the Amalfi Coast, it felt surreal. She pinched herself as she gazed out at the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea from her hotel balcony for the first time. Over the next week, she enjoyed long, leisurely walks exploring the coastline, savoring incredible pizza and pasta, and chatting with friendly locals.

One sunny afternoon, Dea decided to spend the day relaxing at the beach in Amalfi. She put on her favorite swimsuit and brought a towel down to the shoreline. Dea waded into the refreshing aquamarine water until she was deep enough to start swimming. As she glided through the salty sea, gazing up at the colorful coastal houses perched on the cliffs, Dea felt happier than she had ever been.

After a long, blissful day under the Italian sun, Dea walked back to her hotel with sand still between her toes. This trip had been even better than she imagined, fulfilling her lifelong dream of visiting breathtaking Amalfi. Dea promised herself she would return to Italy again someday, eager to explore more of the country she had fallen in love with. For now, she would hold these magical Amalfi memories close to her heart.

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