Danni’s New White Bikini

Danni was excited to wear her new white bikini to the beach. She had picked it out specially for her tropical vacation. The tiny two-piece showed off her tan, toned body. After slathering on sunscreen, Danni grabbed her beach bag and headed out to find the perfect spot to lay out her towel. The sandy shore was packed with people hoping to catch some rays. Danni found an open spot and shook out her towel. She kicked off her flip flops and rubbed her feet in the soft, warm sand. After taking a deep breath of the salty ocean air, she took off her cover up, revealing her skimpy swimsuit. Danni loved the way the white fabric contrasted with her sun-kissed skin. She stretched out on her towel and let the sun wash over her. Danni was proud of the body she had worked so hard for and couldn’t wait to show off her new bikini all week long. She was happy and confident soaking up the sunshine in her favorite place.

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