Big Boobs Red Bikini

Sara was excited for her upcoming trip to Bali. She had been planning this vacation for months and could hardly wait to relax on the beach with a good book in hand. As she packed her suitcase, she made sure to include her favorite red bikini. It was a bit more revealing than Sara normally wore, but she figured she should take the opportunity to wear it while on a tropical island getaway. Her new red bikini was the perfect way to show off her huge breasts.

The long flight was tiring, but Sara’s excitement returned as soon as she arrived at her resort. After checking in, she changed into her red bikini and headed straight for the sparkling blue pool. She almost felt naked with her tits on display. She found an open lounge chair and laid out her beach towel. After rubbing on some sunscreen, she took out her latest novel and settled in for some reading and tanning.

After a couple hours, Sara decided to cool off with a dip in the pool. She slipped into the refreshing water and swam a few laps. As she emerged from the pool, she noticed a few guys nearby staring in her direction. Feeling a bit self-conscious in her skimpy swimsuit, Sara quickly wrapped herself in a cover-up and headed back to her chair.

The next day, Sara decided to spend some time at the beach. She put on her red bikini again along with some shorts and headed down to the shore. The beach was bustling with activity and Sara found it difficult to find an open spot to put her towel. She eventually found a nice spot under the shade of some palm trees. After rubbing on sunscreen, she took off her shorts and laid down to relax.

After a while, Sara decided to take a dip in the ocean. As she waded into the turquoise water, she was amazed by the variety of colorful fish swimming around her. She swam out further until the water was chest deep. Suddenly she felt something slimy rub against her leg. Startled, she stumbled and fell into the water, completely submerging her red bikini. Sara quickly stood up, embarrassed by her fall. She noticed a few people had seen her clumsy moment. Dripping wet, she walked back to her towel and tried to regain her composure.

On her last day in Bali, Sara decided to do some sightseeing around the island. She wore her red bikini top with a colorful sarong wrapped around her waist. Her first stop was at one of Bali’s famous temples. As she toured around the intricate compound, Sara completely forgot how little she was wearing on top. She noticed a few conservative temple visitors staring at her with disapproval, but she tried not to let it bother her.

Later, Sara stopped to shop at a local market. She browsed through racks of breezy dresses and vibrant batik prints. After some time, she realized the spaghetti straps on her bikini top had loosened, revealing a bit more than she had intended. Mortified, Sara quickly adjusted her top and ducked into a dressing room to properly retie the back straps.

By the end of her vacation, Sara was ready to go home. She had enjoyed her time in tropical Bali, but wearing her revealing red bikini almost daily had led to a few awkward moments. While packing to leave, Sara tucked her red bikini into the bottom of her suitcase, not entirely sure when she might feel comfortable wearing it again. Her time in Bali had been full of fun adventures and new experiences, but she thought perhaps it was best to save the tiny red swimsuit for her next girls trip.

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