Allie Mastrubates On The Beach

Allie was a hot twenty-four year old brunette with a great rack. She lived in a small beachside town, where she spent most of her time on the sandy shores. Allie had always loved to masturbate, and there was no better place for her to do so than on the beach. She would lie down on her towel and pull out her trusty vibrator, which she kept hidden in a small bag tucked away underneath her bikini top.

She’d turn it on to its highest setting, and then begin to run her hands over her body, slowly feeling herself up from her breasts down to her pussy. As she did this, Allie couldn’t help but feel the sun on her skin, the cool breeze brushing against her hair, and the sound of the waves crashing in the distance. It was all so erotic, and it made masturbating even more enjoyable for her. Suddenly, a hand reached out from underneath Allie’s towel, grabbed hold of her vibrator, and began to move it around. She looked down in shock and saw that it was the guy who had been walking his dog on the beach earlier that day.

He had heard her moaning as she masturbated and decided to help himself to a bit of fun, too. Allie smiled at him as he continued to move the vibrator back and forth over her pussy. She was so surprised by his boldness, but also a little turned on that someone else had been watching her. And with that, Allie climaxed with a loud moan, feeling both pleasure and shame at being caught masturbating in public. As the guy walked away, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of regret for interrupting such a beautiful scene. But perhaps it was worth it – after all, he had just gotten a free show from a hot brunette with a great rack and she even gave him a smile as he left.

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