Ava Giannini in San Diego

Ava could not contain her excitement as she walked along the San Diego pier. She was meeting her friend Sarah, an aspiring photographer, for a photo shoot. Ava loved posing in her sexy bikinis and entering bikini contests. The sun was shining brightly as seagulls circled overhead. Ava breathed in the salty ocean air as she took in the sights – people fishing off the pier, a street performer playing guitar, and the tour boats headed out to sea.

When Sarah arrived, they exchanged hugs and got right to work. Ava posed under the pier in her bikini to get the perfect shot with the waves crashing behind her. Then they moved under the pier, carefully walking down the algae-covered concrete steps. Shooting photos under the pier was a popular activity because of the striking shadows and geometric shapes it created.

Ava posed dramatically under the pier’s wooden beams and archways as Sarah snapped away. The contrast of light and dark backgrounds made for stunning portraits of Ava. “Work it girl!” Sarah encouraged as Ava twirled in her sundress. For the final shots, they ventured onto the beach. Ava kicked off her sandals and walked barefoot in the surf, laughing as the cold water tickled her feet.

After an enjoyable morning of photography and fun along the San Diego shoreline, Ava and Sarah sat on the beach reviewing their favorite shots over sandwiches from the nearby deli. Ava was thrilled with the beautiful, artsy photos for her modeling portfolio. It was a perfect sunny day of friends and photography by the ocean.

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