Well at least the first website that I’m going to talk about is actually a Free Porn Tube but it is one of them free resources that is free, quality, and virus free. These are three aspects that are patently impossible to find today combined on one website on the Internet, Cindy because people have gotten greedy and even the porn tubes that had a reputation in the past no longer have the trust in visitors, that’s what it’s become today where they see if they reach out and trick you into clicking certain links they will make double what they were making, but one thing they don’t realize is that they lose members, they lose surfers and visitors and they will slowly get the bad reputation that they are getting. Is why I firmly suggest that you at least check out a free porn video site called: Spugle.com and you’ll see for yourself that they offer exclusive porn videos all of them are free, they offer also a blog that talks about the videos but also about other websites including famous paysites, and the best thing of all they don’t have any of these trick links that you can click on and unfortunately end up with your computer infected, none of that will happen on this specific website and that’s why I do recommend and I do invite you all to go and check it out.

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If you want to spend a dollar a day you can do it by watching some Live Pornstars Shows when I say live I mean they are actually happening right there and then in front of your eyes, it’s a bit like a porn video with the only difference that porn is actually happening while you are watching and therefore it is improvised and it lasts a lot longer than the traditional porn movie were talking about 90 minutes to two hours of solid sex per show and you can watch as many shows as you want per day for subscription that will cost you on a monthly basis a dollar a day.

As you can see I have already linked above that website that we just spoke about and there is something else very similar to it that offers also Live Porn videos and also has the same costs that are close to nothing and therefore if you would like to check them both out I have linked them both in the slower paragraph for you and your convenience.