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Lia 19 The Bikini Goddess

This is Lia 19 fresh in from one of our favorite bikini photo shoots ever… Lia 19 is perfect – no longer nineteen at this point, but her body is still rocking…. And on lord yes does Lia 19 rock the bikini!

lia 19 sexy bikini

Look at how her perky breasts fit in the top of her bikini there… And that bottom – Lia 19 has the most perfect little ass that is just perfect for the bikini!

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Tiny Red String Bikini

There are bikinis, and then there are bikinis that most women wouldn’t dare wear in public… This seems to be one of the latter.

Brooke Marks might be all smiles now, but let’s see her when she gets out in public with this little tiny string bikini!

brokoe marks sexy-red string bikini

We have to admit this bikini that Brooke Marks is wearing doesn’t leave much to the imagination now does it?

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Ass Up Face Down

Ariel Rebel might have her bikini on, but it doesn’t look like she will be going swimming any time soon… In fact, on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air Ariel Rebel looks like she wants to be banged doggie style… Which so sounds just like Ariel Rebel!

ariel Rebel bikini slut

The bikini is perfect for Ariel Rebel – her body is still nice and tight – but we wouldn’t mind seeing her naked!

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