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Pretty Bikini

Sandy Summers lives down on the beach in Florida – or at least a few blocks away from it. You can tell by the way she always has the perfect tan…

That’s important when you live in a bikini town like Sandy Summers does!


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Perfect Lia 19

Is it me or does Lia 19 look perfectly natural in her sexy little bikini here?

I love how her boobs fit in that bra just perfectly… It’s almost like Lia 19 was made to wear a bikini!

lia-19-bikini fun

So beautiful, so tight… And Lia 19 loves to fuck too!

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Brooke Marks Red Bikini

Blonde Teen Brooke Marks has the perfect little bikini body… And the bikini she has on is showing it off too!

That might just rank up there as one of the smallest bikinis ever. And it seems Brooke Marks wears it well!

brooke marks red skimpy bikin

Sort of looks like something a stripper would wear, no?

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Ariel Rebel’s Black Bikini

Ariel Rebel has the perfect little teen bikini body… Tight and trim and fit…

Looks like this bikini Ariel Rebel is wearing is nearly lace – see through! The only thing stopping us from seeing her nipples is her hair!


And you know we want to see Ariel Rebel naked!

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Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey might look slamming in a bikini, but it looks like this bikini slut wants to do so much more than just pose naked… She’s already pulling down her bikini bottom showing us her snatch!

Damn, Sasha Grey has a tight little fucking body! She must be a wild fuck!

Sasha Grey strips out of bikini2

Then when Sasha Grey takes off her bikini and starts playing with herself… Bikini or not, either way Sasha Grey is smoking hot!

Sasha Grey strips out of bikini1

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Sammy Cruz

Sammy Cruz looks slamming in her bikini, but it looks like she wanted to take off her bikini top… Not that we are complaining! Looks like Sammy Cruz has a killer perfect little rack!

And it looks good in and out of a bikini!

Sammy Cruz sexy bikini

Then again, on Cherry Pimps, Sammy Cruz is doing a lot more than just walking around in a bikini…

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Heather Vandeven

Heather Vandeven is a hot bikini slut from the Cherry Pimps site…. She’s got the perfect little bikini body now, doesn’t she?

Nice fucking rack – they sit in her bikini perfectly!

Heather Vandeven bikini slut1

Then when Heather Vandeven strips off her bikini… And starts fucking herself with her favorite vibrator… She’s about to rock her sexy little bikini world!

Right out by the pool too!

Heather Vandeven bikini slut2

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Faye Regan Bikini

Faye Regan. Bikini. Pool. Way too much hotness in this bikini blog post!

Damn, her breasts are fucking huge in this bikini…. Faye Regan has some huge boobies!


Can’t wait to see Faye Regan getting naked on the Cherry Pimps website. She’s a full fledged porn star; Faye Regan does it all and Cherry Pimps has her!

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Eva Angelina

Some chicks are just totally banging in a bikini…. Like Eva Angelina here. She’s got a huge fucking rack, ad tight little ass, and beautiful legs..

Of course we know that Eva Angelina is willing to do oh so much more than just pose in her bikini… In fact, Cherry Pimps has her doing a little bit of everything…

Eva Angelina hot blue bikini

It takes a porn star in a bikini to get us off!

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