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Super Sexy Bikini

Every now and then I run into a bikini picture that is just stunning….. I’d say about one out of every twenty bikini pictures I stumble across are worthy of being called “super sexy” and get to be put in that category.

This blonde chick from the ALS Scan website fits into the “super sexy” category for sure!

als scan sexy bikini picture4

It’s like the perfect storm when a handful of things come together to create something beautiful. In this case this ALS Scan chick has the perfect body, a beautiful bikini – I love the way it fits around her pussy! – and a great background.

Combined with the fact that has blonde hair (love blondes!) and pigtails that you can pull on once you get that bikini off and your hitting it from behind, and well, yeah… This fits into the super sexy category!

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Sexy Redhead

It’s so rare we find a picture of a good looking red head in a bikini…… So we need to savor this one!

The thong sure did wonders for the bikini bottom, didn’t it? Right up the crack, separating those ass cheeks nice for us! Can’t really show us any more of your ass unless you were wearing a string bikini!!!

hot young sexy bikini6

Those photographers at Digital Desire sure do know what they are doing! What a wonderful combination of stunning photography, beautiful chicks, and hot bikinis!

Lots of bikinis!

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Kelly’s Black Bikini

Teen Kelly is hittable any day of week, no matter what she is or is not wearing. Today on Swimsuit Daily she’s wearing a very sexy black bikini. With her tanned body, tiny yet perky breasts, and beautiful long legs she’s a stunner! Totally worthy of our attention, no less a post here on our blog!

teen kelly black bikini1

Check out this picture on the right here; This chick has a perfect body and one really worth trying to get with!

teen kelly black bikini2 teen kelly black bikini4

When Teen Kelly leans back and stretches out…. You just sort of want to climb up on top of her, mount her, and have your way with her. Although I’d imagine getting on top of her while she’s on concrete might not be the best thing for her skin!

But I’m sure she’d be willing to move over to a blanket or perhaps the pool where you can take off her little black bikini!

teen kelly black bikini6

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Blonde In Red Bikini

Got to love the traditional bikini!!! Why do blondes always look better in red bikinis? I never did figure that out……

I’d so hit this ALS Scan girl!!!!

als scan sexy bikini picture1

All you need is to tug those strings on either side of her hips and bam – that bikini bottom is coming right off! Nice quick and easy! I’m guessing the back of her bikini top is held by a single string. It’s what I like to call “easy access”. You just pull a few strings and the clothes fall right off.

None of this fighting with bras and straps and stuff!!!

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Abbie’s Green Bikini

Wowsers…. You must admit that Love Abbie looks banging in her green bikini!!!! Looks like she’s ready for a few stiff drinks and then perhaps a few stiff cocks!

You can tell what she has on her mind just by the way she’s sitting, with her legs spread just oh so right for a little one on one fun!!!

love abbie sexy green bikini1

Yeah, Love Abbie is ready for some fun and games… Now that her bikini is coming off! Nice perky titties honey!

love abbie sexy green bikini2 love abbie sexy green bikini3

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Big Breasted Bikini Babe

Isn’t this Digital Desire babe just a slice short of perfection? I love the way her breasts stick out of this bikini; Big breasted chicks sure do look hot in bikinis don’t they???

Imagine peeling this bikini off of her!!!

hot young sexy bikini5

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Super See Through Bikini

Bikinis are always much more fun when they are see through….. Bikinis already don’t leave much to the imagination, but with this see through bikini on you can see everything on this ALS Scan model!

sexy bikini chick2

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Teen Kelly

Teen Kelly lost her virginity a long long time ago…… So I’m not sure why she’s wearing a white bikini. Perhaps she likes to make pretend….. Speaking of make pretend, I wouldn’t mind pretending to making babies with her!!!

She looks mighty hot on this pier in her white bikini!

teen kelly white bikini3

Check out the third picture below of her from behind…. What a great ass!

teen kelly white bikini1 teen kelly white bikini2 teen kelly white bikini4 teen kelly white bikini5

I would mind slamming that ass into the ground and hitting it from behind! Right there on the pier!!!

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Sexy Pool Fun

This ALS Scan chick is ready to have fun in the pool…. What a damn sexy bikini this is too!!!

sexy bikini chick7

I can see myself wasting away a few hours with this hottie in the pool in her raft, perhaps trying to have sex with her in it…. I’ve never tried to have sex in a raft before but it sure looks like fun! With this hot ALS Scan chick….. It looks like a lot of fun!

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Tiny Tiny Bikini

Here’s another example from FTV Girls of nearly a string bikini….. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination now, does it?

ftv girls bikini babes06

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