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Swimming With Brooke

Thank god we brought our floaty with us when we went down to the lake…. Without Southern Brooke at our side we might just drown! We’d have no idea what we would do without her massive flotation devices!

Not to mention we love spending time with her at the lake when she’s wearing little more than a bikini!


Now that’s the way to spend an afternoon!!!

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Perfect Bikini Pix

Looks like our favorite porn girl Casey Parker has grown up a bit! She puts on this sexy bikini, lets her hair down, and suddenly she’s gone from a young girl to a little later over night!

With her perfectly tanned body in that bikini….. It’s a perfectly combination!


Casey Parker sure does have the perfect body for a tiny bikini, and the fact that she likes to get naked just plays right into our plan!!!


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Sexy Pink Bikini

Check out this little hottie in her tight little pink bikini poolside with the long dark hair….. She looks all sweet and innocent, but sometimes it’s the sweet and innocent chicks tightly wrapped up in bikinis that surprise the heck out of you! Maybe this sweet and innocent bikini clad vixen is really dirty, kinky, and hornier than all hell!

Maybe she wants to do more than just swimming and skinny dipping! Maybe she wants to have sex in the pool with the first person she can find!

ftv girls bikini babes12

Look deep in her eyes…. She has a little twinkle in there just waiting to burst out!

ftv girls bikini babes13

I swear FTV Girls must have the largest collection of good looking bikini babes anywhere!

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Sexy Tawnee Stone

Tell me that you wouldn’t cough up one of your lungs to be alone with Tawnee Stone when she’s wearing this totally hot bikini???

tawnee stone sexy bikini

I love it when young teen girls wearing a bikini spread their legs for us…..

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Cute Rain

Is Cute Rain wearing a bikini here, or is this her bra and panties?


It doesn’t matter much to me, she looks nearly as good on the beach in her bra and panties than she does in a bikini….. It’s kind of like “I’m in a bikini but not, I’m really in my bra and panties – what you normally don’t get to see because it’s under my clothes!

Cute Rain looks nearly as good as in a bikini!

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Lesbians In Bikinis

When you see three hot chicks in bikinis close to each other, touching each other…. You know they are all lesbians who just want to get it on with each other. These three bikini clad chicks from the FTV Girls website want to get it on – You just know that their bikinis will be coming off shortly!

ftv girls bikini babes10

See…. Told you!

They have their titties out – the chick on the left has a nice rack! – and their bikini bottoms are coming down showing of their snatches! Time for them to go skinny dipping!

ftv girls bikini babes11

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Ariel Rebe’s Tiny Bikini

Ariel Rebel doesn’t have enough of a rack to make a bikini worth while, but a young woman like Ariel Rebel still needs to go swimming because all women like being wet and this hottie is no exception!

She still looks good in a bikini, no?


Looks like she’s taking her little boobie out of her bikini top…… We should stick around for this!

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Sexy Flower Bikini

Is it me, or is Raimi Miller and Tawnee Stone wearing the same exactly bikini?

sexy bikini11 sexy bikini12

What are the odds of that? No matter – very sexy no matter what!

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In The Grotto

Is it me or is this chick from the FTV Girls website in the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion? If so, that makes it ten times hotter – because not every chick with a bikini can get into the Playboy Mansion!

Of course, no chick can go to the Playboy Mansion without showing off her boobies at least once!

ftv girls bikini babes07

Chances are she’ll be taking that bikini off before the end of the night too!

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Taylor Little Floats

Ever notice how big breasted women have huge breasts that are like flotation devices? You just know that Taylor Little doesn’t need to know how to swim because with a rack like hers there is no way she’s not gonna stay afloat!!!

I should also add that Taylor Little“>Taylor Little looks great in a bikini too!

taylor little huge boobs bikini

I’d do swimming with her… Any time!

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